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Our Technique 

We try to make our lessons as educational as possible by incorporating, water education, science, and preschool skills.  We use tools and such as music, counting, shapes, colors, and ABC's into our toddler and preschool lessons. Toys and imaginative play is also utilized at this level.  As many parents know a young child’s attention span is very short, so we jump from thing to thing in the lesson to keep their interest in what they are learning.  This allows us to center the child’s attention to the task at hand while also allowing them to be fully engaged in the lesson.  They don’t even realize they are learning to swim in the beginning all they know is that it is fun. We also use a special incentive that entices young children into doing things they would not otherwise do which can shorten the learning process.

As the student progresses into the higher-level skills, we continue to use fun to make the learning process more interesting. Each stroke is taught with made-up games to help the child to understand how to move through the water. Positioning is of the utmost importance. Without proper body position a child will learn to struggle through the water. We teach every child as if they are going to grow up to become Olympic swimmers.

In the upper levels, focus is on the best stroke possible. We believe that even if a child does not go onto a swim team, they should learn the same techniques so they swim with ease, confidence, and strength. We want to develop strong swimmers that are comfortable in any type of water situation. The best way to do this is to have the best stroke from the beginning. Strong swimmers are safe swimmers. They then can go on to other water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, skin diving, scuba diving, life guarding, and sailing.