"Vicki is an excellent swim teacher.  She taught both out 6 and 5 year old to swim last summer.  She has a very nurturing and comforting style which enabled our children to trust her from the beginning.  She is a very knowledgable about swimming as well as very experenced with childred.  We have recommended her to several of our friends."

-Sabnna and Joey, NYC

"My husband and I were really very impressed watching you during the two lessons you gave our son, Stani, in Long Island this summer. we learned quite a bit from you too! The technique with which you encouraged a somewhat reticent three year old into the water, and then proceeded to teach him the basics of swimming without compromising on the aspect of "fun" was uplifting and inspiring to watch as a mother. Stani's attitude to the water and swimming has changed from one of curiosity, combined with a little too much fear, to eagerness and enjoyment (with a healthy dose of respect!). All this in two short lessons! Thank you. Wishing you all the best from Vienna, Austria."

-Philipp Sunti and Stani Metternich,  Vienna, Austria

"Vicki is wonderful! My kids love her.  She is so great with them and teacher the strokes so well.  Than you for a wonderful summer!" 

-Evynne, NYC

"Vicki has taught both of my children how to swim and she is, quite simply, the best swimming instructor they have had.  She has known how to motivate them at each stage of their swimming development and maturity and has consistently pushed them to improve.  And, they have loved every minute of their lessons. Vicki is also a lovely person and has been reliable and consummate professional throughout the years we have known her.  I highly recommend her."

-Michelle S.. NYC

"My children trust Vicki like no one else in the water.  They have learned so much in such a short time.  They feel safe with her and have the best time during class.  Her approach is fantastic and my kids love her"

-Jessica Loavea-Bueron, NYC

"Vicki has such patience and a wonderful demeanor with our kids.  She makes the lessons fun and exciting while still instructive.  We fully credit Vicki for helping our daughters overcome their fear of the water and they are swimming like fishnow and love the pool." 

-Karen G., NYC


"Ms. Vicki is a fabulous swim instructor.  One week of lessons made a remarkable difference in my girls swimming ability.  We love her!"

-Edward and Jolia, MI

"Vicki has not only helped our two year old daughter Bettina learn to swim but did it with joy and laughter. She makes swimming a positive and fun experience.  We can't say enough wonderful things about her!"

-Christie and Tim Gannon,  Palm Beach, Fl

"Vicki is far and away the best swim instructor my children have had.  She knows how to motivate each child, no matter what their personality and age of development.  She has high standards and a firm hand, but somehow manages to make each lesson fun.  My children look forward to their swimming lesson with Vicki every week.  She has taken them from not knowing how to swim at all, to learning all of the key strokes and, now, refining their technique for each.  I highly recommend her for swimmers of all abilities and attitudes towards swimming."

Michele A., NYC

We work with some amazing families and we love to hear what everyone has to say about our services.  

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Vicki was amazing with our three kids.  She made the kids very comfortable and engaged them in many fun water games,  which allowed them to relax and overcome their fear of the water.  They all learned to swim very quickly and progressed nicely through the different skill levels.  Vicki also has experience working with kids with autism and she was very patient with our son and had a calming effect on him.  As a result he learned to swim very graduly as well.  I highly recommend Vicki to any family who has kids that want to learn to swim."

​Maria and Rich, London, UK


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