Meet Our Instructors

American Red Cross Certifications:

  • Water Safety Instructor
  • Lifeguard Instructor
  • CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor
  • O2 Administration Instructor
  • CPR, AED and First Aid for Adults and Children
  • Lifeguard

Kim Reiss


American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

Lifeguard Certified

CPR, AED, and First Aid for Adults and Pediatrics Certified

Victoria - Instructor

Victoria Musachio is a 20 years old college student from Manorville, NY. She grew up in Kings Park for most of my life and moved to Manorville when she was 14. Victoria started swimming before she even turned 1. She has always enjoyed swimming, as well as working with children. Victoria started babysitting since at 14 and for the last two summers she worked as a teacher’s assistant at a daycare. Currently she is a student at the University at Albany, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. After graduating from the University at Albany, she would like to attend Stony Brook University for her Master's and PHD in clinical psychology. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to the gym and she has always had an interest in art, swimming. 

American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

​American Red Cross CPR, AED, and First Aid for Adults and Pediatrics  Certified

Kim began to swim at an early age and found a love for the water early in life.  Born and raised on Long Island, Kim spent her summers with her family at the beaches on Fire Island and at her grandmother’s house in San Diego.  She began to swim as a toddler under Vicki’s instruction and was soon swimming all around the pool with ease.  

As Kim grew into her teen years, she turned more to dance then swimming, but that did not stop her from being an apprentice to Vicki in the summer months.  At the age of 12 Kim began to train with Vicki, learning every technique and trick Vicki had developed over the years. By 16 Kim was very ambitious, buying her first car and getting her driver’s license and becoming a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. At only 16 years of age, Kim was taking on a full time work schedule as a Swimming Instructor teach her own students.  

Kim Continued to teach during the summers between college semesters. During the fall, winter and spring, Kim was a part-time student, Dance Teacher, Nanny and worked part-time in retail. By 21, Kim took her first step in her corporate career by accepting a full-time position as an Assistant Manager.  However, that did not stop her form teaching swimming lessons in the summer time on her days off.  Throughout the next 6 years, Kim worked her way up in her corporate job taking on different positions until lading what would be her final position as an Account Executive. 

In 2015, Kim left her 10 year career to pursue her dream of teaching swimming lessons full-time and growing her mothers business into a year round business.  

Vicki Bonaguro


Where the School Comes to Your Pool!

Vicki was born into a family that spent all their time in and on the water Raised in San Diego, Ca, she grew up in the San Diego Mission Bay Boat and Sky Club. At 12 she earned her “Penguin Patch” for water skiing on New Year’s Day. At 14, she was in the highest swim group in her school and at 15 she was certified as a Scuba Diver when the PADI Dive Association was still in its infancy. Her family and all of her relatives had pools, enjoying them most of the year in sunny Southern California.

When Vicki was 17, her family moved to Guam for her father to run Guam Cable Television. After Super Typhoon Pamela demolished the island in 1976, Vicki was hired by the Navy to help restore operations to the base pool and ultimately, lifeguard. Vicki continued to work for the Commander Naval Forces Marianas as a lifeguard, WSI (Water Safety Instructor), and pool manager over the next year and a half. It was during this time she became a Dive Master and taught Swimming, Advanced Lifesaving, CPR, and First Aid.

In 1977, Vicki moved to the island of Oahu in Hawaii working for a dive shop and the US Army’s Hale Koa Hotel at Ft DeRussy as a lifeguard. She taught Lifesaving, CPR, and First Aid for Kapiolani Community College and various Adult Ed programs in Waikiki.

 Since her husband was from New York, she moved in 1981. She was awarded the “Rescuer of the Year Award” by the American Heart Association for performing CPR on a bystander, saving his life. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Biology. For the next 8 years she worked for 7Z’s as a WSI and lifeguard. Vicki began teaching infants in the old fashioned “One, two, three, dunk” method in the Hamptons. She taught her own children to swim by the time they were 1 1/2. Her oldest swam 24 feet on his second birthday and had already saved himself twice while in the care of others.

Vicki has continued to teach in the Hamptons for the last 40 years with short reprieves to care for her sons with disabilities. Her daughter Kim joined her at the age of 12 as her aid. Kimberly took on her own students at the age of 16 and has been teaching Vicki’s method for the past 15 years. Vicki has changed her method greatly since the old days by using fun and encouragement, rather than force, to get students to swim as fast as possible as well as possible.

Vicki became an Adapted Aquatics Instructor and got her NSSA (Now the USSSA) certification in infant and toddler swimming to add to her WSI, First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguarding Instructor certifications. After raising her children, Vicki went on to get her Master’s Degree in Special Education and her PADI Scuba Instructor’s Certification in 2009. She is a NY State Certified Teacher in Biology, Teaching Students with Disabilities Biology, Chemistry, General Science, and Art. She currently teaches biology and Earth science for an online high school and has recently finished writing an Earth science curriculum for the online school. Vicki is now writing her “Montessoro Method” of swimming curriculum which will hopefully be completed in late 2017.


​(631) 839-7946 OR (631) 681-6042

Main St, Southampton, NY 11968

Isabella (Bella) - Instructor/Lifeguard

Isabella or Bella as we call her is an 18 year old college student from Manorville, NY. She began to swim at the young age of 2 and has loved the water ever since. Bella is currently studying business finance at the University at Buffalo. For the last few years during the summer she has worked as a Lifeguard for public and private pools. In her free time she likes to swim, watch Netflix and hang out with her family. 

American Red Cross Certifications:

  • Water Safety Instructor
  • Lifeguard Instructor
  • CPR, First Aid, and AED Instructor
  • O2 Administration Instructor
  • Lifeguard
  • CPR/AED and First Aid for Adults and Children