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We have a lot of experience working with adults who have had a bad experience or just poor swimming lessons. Adult non-swimmers require a different approach than children. We make it informative and easy to learn to swim by taking small, incremental steps, that will take you from terrified to cautious to swimming in a relatively short time. We understand the psychology of the fear of water and deal with that before expecting swimming. If you teach techniques without dealing with the fear, you will be 'doing it afraid' and will never learn to enjoy the water. We also work on breathing techniques that prevent you from taking in water. We will never push you past what you are comfortable with but never push you to the point where you are scared. 

We often teach Nannies who need to swim to watch their children, as well as adults of all ages that wish to finally learn to swim. Many people just want to improve their stroke or learn to breathe. 

Private Swim Lessons for Adults swimming lessons adult swim lessons adult private swim lessons

If you are a triathlete that is an excellent runner and biker, but needs to work on your swimming, we can help! Many strong adults use their strength to try to swim rather than using the force of the water to their benefit. We want you to get to that next level so you can swim easily and efficiently through the swimming portion of a race.

Adult Private Swim Lessons

​​Terrified Non Swimmers​


We have taught adults of all ages and swimming abilities. Whether you are a terrified non-swimmer, a triathlete that wants to improve their swim time, or somewhere in between, we are dedicated to make everyone a great swimmer.